1. DD Registration fees- SSI Unit: Rs.10,000/- Large scale Unit:Rs.25,000/-)
  2. Certificate of Incorporation (if firm is Pvt. Ltd./Public Ltd.) - Clause (3)
    1. SSI Certificate – for small scale
    2. DGTD Certificate (Certificate issued by Deptt. of Industrial Development, MoD) - for large scale ind. - Clause (4)
  3. If firm is
    1. Proprietary Company:Give name, address & tel no.of proprietor
    2. Private Ltd/Public Ltd – Attach “Memorandum & Articals of Association” alongwith name, designation, residential address of chief executive or Managing Director
    3. Partnership Company – Attach “Partnership Deed” alongwith Address, name, telephone No. of partners. - Clause (5)
  4. Details of current products/ Literature (if applicable) - Clause (8)
  5. If registered/applied for registration with any other discipline of DGQA –copy of registration certificate/details of registration. - Clause (10)
  6. Plant Layout of factory indicating BOND ROOM LOCATION and various areas e.g. production area, Inspection area etc. - Clause (12)
  7. Proof of ownership/Rental receipt/Lease deed/Agreement of factory - (13)
  8. Unitwise details of Technical & Administrative Manpower alongwith No. of persons held with Qualification & Experience. (Attached Organisation Chart if available) - Clause (18)
  9. Audited balance sheets for last 3 years which includes profit & loss A/C, Schedules etc. – Clause 19 (a)
  10. Details of Annual turnover of sales for last three years - Clause 19 (b)
  11. Details of present networth of the firm - Clause 19 (c)
  12. Banker’s certificate (For source of finance with borrowing limit & bank guarantee if applicable) Clause 19 (d)
  13. Pan Card/Pan Certificate - Clause 19 (e)
  14. Valid State & central sales tax Registration Certificate - Clause 19 (f)
  15. Relevant information with complete details about (i) Sister Concerns/subsidiaries if any.- Clause 19 (g)
  16. Copy of registration certificate if firm is registered with
    1. NSIC
    2. DGS&D
    3. Other Defence Department (d) Other Govt Deptt.
    4. Membership of FICCI/Assocham/CII/AIMO and other industrial Associations - Clause (9)
  17. If having ISO-9000 certificate – attach valid copy of certificate.- Clause (11)
  18. Copies of latest and one year old electricity bill of factory - Clause (16)
  19. If your products for which registration sought fall under
    1. Cost Audit (Report)
    2. Fire Safety or explosive regulations. Give details of license/compliance – Clause (17)


  1. Details of current products as per given format - Clause (1)
  2. Items with monthly production capacity for which registration sought - Clause (3)
  3. Agreements for bought out items (if any) - Clause 4(a)
  4. Sub contractors agreement/certification of manufacturing/testing facilities, firm availing from outside source/agency - Clause 4(b)
  5. Source of raw material details as per given format. - Clause (5)
  6. Details of plant & machinery as per given format - Clause 6(a)
  7. Details of measuring instruments & Testing facilities available to check final product as per given format - Clause 6(b)
  8. Calibration certificate of measuring & testing instruments - Clause 6(b)
  9. Details of Inspection & Quality Control of Raw Material and finished products - Clause 8(b)
  10. Copies of test certificates (if applicable) - In house testing/outside source - Clause 8(c)
  11. Detail flow process chart of each item alongwith machine/test eqpt required for the same Clause 8 (e)
  12. Details of Basis of estimated production capacity of the Defence stores for which registration is sought - Clause 8(f)
  13. Details of principal customers as per given format alongwith copies of few S/Os - Clause (9)
  14. TBRL (Terminal Ballistics Research Lab) report (In case firm is involved in bullet proofing of vehicle.)
  15. A copy of valid Franchisee Agreement/Certificate for cold retreading firms.
  16. Agreement copy/details of Foreign collaboration (if exists) - Clause (2)
  17. Details of R&D facilities (if exists) - Clause 8(a)
  18. Details of Laboratory/Drawing office facilities (if exists) - Clause 8(d)
  19. Quality manual (if exists)

Note: In case, firm have more than one unit, firm should submit list of plant & machineries, test equipments and manpower unitwise. SSI/DGTD Certificate should include name of all the units. All the docs to be uploaded in pdf format.

Download CSV Formats

Proprietor Details CSV Fromat
Bankerdetails CSV Fromat
Details of Defence Stores CSV Fromat
Details of foreign collaborations CSV Fromat
Details of bought out items
Details of Supply Orderes
Details of Testing/Quality check done by Sub contractors
Plant and machinery specific to item(s) for which registration is sought
Source of Raw Material-Product
Tool Room, Metrology & test Equipment Facilities